Open Call for Artwork

We want to see your art on our walls! Reverie is pleased to announce an open call for artwork. Our laid back atmosphere with high ceilings and large brick walls beautifully showcases large-scale, two-dimensional work. Artwork can be listed for sale; we take no proceeds from any sale of artwork.


Mark Granlund - June + July

May 29, 2017

Editability This body of work looks at the question of edibility. The definition of edible is: "fit to be eaten as food." Food is defined as: "any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc." Is everything labeled food really edible? There are parts of our food that we do not eat, but throw away or compost. After a certain point in time, food is no longer edible and becomes non-food. Some food isn't edible until it has been altered. Amongst all of this change and inconsistency our industrial food system, like much in American life, substitutes healthy elements of our food with less healthy elements. Some contemporary foods are harmful to us, neither sustaining life, providing energy or promoting growth. Some ingredients, in any other situation, would not be considered edible. Although the industrial food system strives to create food that will not rot, it ends up that the food that can rot is what provides us the most nutrients and sustains us best. Other than breathing air, eating food is the most interaction we have with the natural world and its processes. Edibility is a key issue as to the survival of humans during the Anthropocene Epoch.


Reverie Cafe and Bar provides healthy, tasty and nutritious food. Support these types of restaurants, cook this kind of food at home.  Your body and the planet will be happier for it.


There is no formal opening for this exhibit, but I will be at Reverie on June 22 and July 25 between 5 – 8pm, if you have questions, would like to talk with me, etc.

Ryan Howard - April + May

May 03, 2017

I decided to study art at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree.  I moved to Minneapolis in 2015, where I continue to create art. Even though I work with a variety of two-dimensional media, my primary medium of choice is oil paint. I prefer the flexibility of the medium that one cannot get from watercolor or dry media. I also like the opacity and the texture of oils that allow me to incorporate vivid brushstrokes and other techniques in my work. My fascination with nature is apparent in my work. For example, my landscape pieces will often depict the natural beauty of the world such as rural land or, if in the city, will include areas of shrubbery or parks. I also create pieces based upon travels to other countries or other parts of the United States. 


Fernando Cerda - February + March..

January 01, 2020

Fernando Cerda was born in Chile (Linares) and grew up in Santiago, where he studied painting for three years at Carmen Piemonte, Academy. He also studied graduated with a two year degree in graphic design from INACAP. This influenced his initial work and paintings and continues to inform work today. 

Fernando believes art can be found in the every day. He tries to rescue objects, images and patterns that are right in front of us but invisible because they are too close or common. He may capture a pattern found in a bowl of noodles, the layers of paint on the side of a building or the textures of paint running down or smudged across the canvas. He looks for elements of chance and attempts to create balance among these unrelated pieces. He creates compositions through layers of recognizable images, forms and textures accented by a wide color palette. 

Jaira Donery - December + January

January 01, 2020

For me, art and creation is a way to tap into the raw creative forces of the universe and nature. More than anything else it brings me into a deep state of relaxation and focus; opening a space for self reflection in a lucid state of awareness.  My artwork is reminiscent of the way dreams abstractly dance between reflecting the significances in waking life and being incomprehensible nonsense.  I like to simply watch what comes out onto paper through my hand, revealing its story like a ghost dancing through my pen. Left open for the viewers’ interpretation, allowing them to create their own story and understanding. 

I am a self taught artist who grew up in Minneapolis and has since lived between the Twin Cities and the West Coast; drawing inspiration off the cultures of both locations.

Zach Taylor - October + November

August 21, 2016

Our world is filled with stories and phenomena that challenge and inspire. Among them, I am most interested in human experiences with the natural world, its inhabitants, our environments, time, and physical embodiment. My artwork explores these overlapping themes through the complexity of natural, transformative and creative processes, seeking to reveal unique perspectives as only the act of artmaking can.

The figurative paintings here are representations of imagined bodies in negotiable space. Who are these people? What are they about? The truth is they are paintings about a way of working. My approach negotiates the image with a variety of techniques and continual revision, attempting to capture and reveal the underlying contributions to form and content, as well as a temporal aspect of change. The work challenges the viewer to regard the final figures as bystanders to their own dynamic, constituent parts. 

Jessica Zeglin - August + September

July 08, 2016

There is a tiny universe in our lakes and streams. We can see it with specialized tools, but it still remains mysterious. Its inhabitants are microorganisms that live their own little lives, in the process making nitrogen and oxygen available for other plants and animals to use and forming the base of many food webs. The paintings in this show blend abstract and representational forms to explore the lyrical patterns and structures of these minute but precious life forms.

Kestrel Hendrickson - June + July

May 10, 2016

Kestrel Hendrickson is an illustrator and painter at Minneapolis College of Art and design. His plein air and nature paintings focus on the abstractions underlying reality, exploring the nuance of light and space, color and shape. These paintings originate from a desire to generate beauty, and share beauty with others. He infuses his paintings with a positivity and idealism that has contagious intent.


This show includes paintings as early as November 2015, referencing parks and neighborhoods across Minneapolis. Locations include Loring Park, Cedar Lake, local gardens, and more.

Andrea Jacobs - April + May

March 14, 2016

Andrea Jacobs is a mixed medium artist based in Saint Paul, MN. Playing between combinations of drawing, printmaking, painting, and whatever other mediums inspire her at the moment, she crafts images into visual metaphors. Her work explores human emotion, spiritual moments, and a connection to the natural world, often using her own body as subject.


My Everyday Queen

By isolating sensory moments, I attempt to catch glimpses of my spiritual self,

To meet her for a moment of grounding in the ethereal,

A moment of touch, of light, of natural feeling and emotion

I’m attempting to meet my everyday queen. 

WIlliam Bukowski - February + March

February 23, 2023

William Bukowski is a long time art professor at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota. He received his M.A. and M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bukowski has been influenced by the European landscape tradition of painting: painting from life, and use of color and brushwork.  This show includes images based on a garden in Sibley Park in Mankato.  The paintings reflect the warmth and color of summer. The time of year depicted is late July and early August when the flowers are at their peak.  For Minnesota, it is the ideal time for a flower garden and a perfect summer morning. 


The garden series has been ongoing since 2004 and has resulted in several commissions in the Mankato area. In recent years Bukowski has been a part of the Arts and Healing program at Minneapolis and St. Paul Children’s hospital and has more than 30 paintings and 2 murals currently on display and in the permanent collection at both hospitals. Bukowski has shown in more than 180 juried, group and one-person exhibitions. 

Heidi Jeub - December + January

January 03, 2023

Born in Woodstock, Illinois, Heidi was raised in a creative home and went on to study architecture in Missouri. While there, she established that the field wasn't a fit for her and continued to explore art, cultural studies and American Studies before transfering to the University of Minnesota.


Heidi's interest in architecture never subsided. It became a helpful sense once she began working as a gallery coordinator in various organizations, institutions and galleries. The relationship of art, space, and audience is like a small scale architectural design.  


Heidi served as the executive director of Visual Arts Minnesotafrom 2010 - 2014, an organization that creates opportunities for visual artists to exhibit and promote their work. She also creates custom hand-bound books for clients, while teaching residencies and workshops while also studying at the University of Minnesota, pursuing her masters in Arts and Cultural Leadership. 


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