Dear Reverie guests and community,

Reverie Cafe + Bar is temporarily closed until further notice.


We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, and have come to the conclusion that the responsible thing to do at this time is to temporarily close Reverie Cafe + Bar, until further notice.


We are facing a deadly pandemic and all the experts are telling us we need to flatten the curve by isolating and distancing. With this in mind, we no longer feel we can keep our staff, guests, or our neighbors in high risk populations safe while encouraging people to visit or gather in a public space.


We can't tell you how hard this is to announce, we're still sorting out what it means for our amazing staff and for our business. We know our community has been there for us before and that means everything to us, we wish we could be there for you now. We will be keeping everyone up to date with our future plans and ways that you can support. 


We know we will all get through this together, and there will be lots of sanitizer free high fives and bomb, plant based grub waiting on the other side. 


Wishing you all health + jackfruit tacos,


Kirstin + Jeff