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Job Description: Kitchen Manager


Reverie Cafe + Bar seeks a highly motivated, enthusiastic individual with passion for vegan food for the newly created position of Kitchen Manager. The Kitchen Manager is responsible for ensuring a high functioning, positive and safe kitchen at all times. This includes, but is not limited to creative cuisine development, systems management, health and safety oversight, staff oversight and general management.


Our goal is to create a highly functioning, creative and innovative plant-based cafe. The Kitchen Manager will support the development of a breakfast menu, and expand our lunch and dinner offerings among other innovations at Reverie.


Specific Responsibilities include: 

(estimated 75% in the kitchen, on the line, prepping, etc; 25% administrative and management tasks)


Kitchen Oversight

  • Ensuring kitchen and staff meet health code standards;

  • Maintaining quality standards for food;

  • Manage food costing software, tracking all ingredient, sub recipe, recipe and dish costs,

  • Set tone of kitchen, ensuring a positive, collaborative, supportive kitchen environment.

  • Ongoing collaboration and coordination with owners and other staff/management.


Ordering and Inventory:

  • Implementing weekly/monthly Inventory to track product and control costs;

  • Creating and managing lists and systems to maintain proper stock of all kitchen related things at all times;

  • Keeping ingredients fresh, beautiful, local/organic sustainable when possible but balanced with an eye towards financial responsibility;

  • Meet food cost goals.


Scheduling and Staffing:

  • Managing a kitchen schedule that ensures proper staffing at all times;

  • Keeping staff on task and efficient, while understanding and addressing staff needs;

  • Understanding and meeting labor goals;

  • Setting and Leading regular staff meetings; 

  • General staff oversight including hiring and firing staff as needed.



  • create and maintain systems and staffing to insure adequate amount of prepped items at all times.



  • Work with owner(s) to create dishes that meet Reverie standards. In some cases, owner will create a dish and ask you to implement it; in others, it may be collaborative; and in others, you may be asked to create dishes on your own, with final approval and input from owner.

  • Assess and update current recipes to ensure maximum deliciousness excellent attention to maintaining food cost goals.


Special Events (occasional):

  • Manage special food ordering;

  • Collaboratively develop special event menus and plans;

  • Staff and prepare for special events.


The ideal candidate will possess:

  • A creative, innovative, understanding of vegan cuisine;

  • Self-motivation, positivity and enthusiasm for the work and for working with others;

  • Excellent communication and creative problem solving skills;

  • Ability to work at a fast pace for long hours;

  • Kitchen management and/or kitchen experience;

  • Good understanding of what vegan food is, and experience creating it;  t

  • Understanding of our kitchen’s unique challenges, and willing to create a  menu based around those challenges.  


Additional skills might include:

  • Knowledge of fermented foods, meat and dairy alternatives a plus.

  • Serve Safe or equivalent certification,

  • Experience with Inventory, foodcosting, scheduling.

To Apply: Send cover letter, resume and three professional references as soon as possible:

Please email with questions; please do not call. 



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