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Slowly and surely, the media are catching wind of what's happening at Reverie. We're grateful for the kind words! Here's a snapshot of what people are saying about Reverie Mobile Kitchen and Reverie Cafe + Bar:

A note about Reverie at the Twin Cities Veg Fest. We made it in the top ten. That's something. Check it out here.

One Girl, Two Cities recap of 2018 Veg Fest here.  

We were featured on the Vegan Roadie. See the episode here.

"Though not incredibly photogenic, I feel like Biscuits and Gravy is a must-try when it comes to vegan food. Reverie’s gravy is mushroom-based and also includes chunks of mushroom. Normally, I’m not huge on mushrooms but this packs in a lot of hearty flavor, and I added The Herbivorous Butcher’s All American Breakfast Sausage for an extra kick. The biscuit to gravy ratio was spot on; just as I finished up the last bites of the biscuits, I was able to soak up the last bites of gravy....The Polenta Rancheros (seared polenta cakes with spiced pinto beans, lime leaf sour cream, sals verde, guac & toasted pepitas) are amazing!" - One Girl, Two Cities. See the full article

Alongside other vegan tasty spots, VegNews had this to say, "This vibrant cafe recently pulled all remaining animal products from its menu—including milk and honey—and is now ready to wow the vegan world with its mock duck sandwiches, jackfruit carnitas tacos"... -  Anna Starostinetskaya, VegNews. See the full article.

"For everyone who made a New Year’s resolution to eat more vegetables in 2017, Minneapolis’ Reverie Cafe + Bar is making it easier to follow through as they are transitioning to a 100% vegan menu. - The Growler Mag. See the full article.

“We know our food will be delicious for anyone — omnivores and veggies — and we want to be sure to use language that is welcoming and inviting. We see ourselves as a gateway for more people to try plant-based food and we hear over and over again that people don’t miss the meat.” - Mecca Bos, City Pages. See the full article.

"Reverie is a vegan dream in Stevens Square, and there's beer to boot." - Mary Jo Rasmussen, City Pages. See the full article.  


"The tempeh has a great marinade, and it’s cooked perfectly and sliced thin. It’s not missing the bacon flavor at all." - Laura Van Zandt, the Growler. See the full article

We are lucky enough to be listed alongside some of our favorite local trendsetters in this article by Steph March.

"Reverie is a hidden gem, and for many of us locals, the perfect escape from much of the suburban crowd that pack into joints like Spyhouse and Starbucks. Despite Reverie being a vegan establishment, the food is actually pretty darn good. I'm not a vegan, and I eat here once or twice a week. Oh, and I have to give credit where the credit is due -- the beer selection is above-and-beyond. It seriously puts a lot of downtown bars to shame. They even have a sour on tap. I should also mention that their happy hour craft beer prices are $4+. Logistically, the interior is laid out nicely. It has an open floor plan, which makes it conducive to events and allows for a great deal of sunlight to flow in. The corner of Franky and Nicollet is also a great place to people watch.And events -- there's always something going on. And because it's so casual, going to a show doesn't feel like much of a commitment. I believe they have entertainment just about every night, and it's fairly diverse. If you enjoy exploring what the city has to offer, I recommend giving Reverie a shot." - Soda Pop Murphy, Google Reviewer


Even our shows are getting great press. Check out the Art Hounds review of Samba Meu here.


And here we have a feature photo and are listed first in the Star Tribune review of new restaurants.  


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